The A1 Grand Prix serves as Team China's debut

The A1 Grand Prix serves as Team China’s debut

A1GP WORD CUP : With fewer than six months before the first race on September 25 at Brands Hatch, A1 Grand Prix has announced the foundation of A1 Team China.

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A1 Grand Prix has confirmed the foundation of A1 Team China, one year after the series’ first debut and less than six months before the first race of the season, which will take place on September 25 at Brands Hatch. The new worldwide championship gained an instantaneous audience of 1.3 billion people thanks to its premiere.

The finale of the first season of the A1 Grand Prix, the race that would decide the first champion, was also announced as taking place in China at the event. The A1 Team China vehicle, decked out in golden dragon and brilliant red, emerged from a large Chinese lantern during the launch event, which was hosted at Beijing’s ancient Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and included dancers in traditional garb.

Since the inaugural Formula One race was conducted in Shanghai in 2004, motor racing has quickly become a national preoccupation in China. Multinational billionaire and President of A1 Team China Liu Yu has spoken of his joy at the advent of the new sport. Formula One Grand Prix races are built on the foundation of national pride.

The new competition will be called the “World Cup of Motorsport,” and it will include nations competing against one another on a level playing field. An increase in elected officials The A1 Grand Prix was founded by Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, who also serves as its President and Chairman. He gave a hearty welcome to China upon the country’s entry into the competition.

As a consequence of the world’s most populous country’s entry into the A1 Grand Prix, he said, the overall number of people whose national team will be represented has risen to 3.24 billion, or more than half of the world’s population. Sheikh Maktoum, the mastermind behind the A1 Grand Prix, had the lofty objective of creating a new major international motor racing series from the ground up.

In Beijing, he said that just a year after the new championship was presented in Dubai, sixteen teams had already been confirmed, and seven more were in advanced stages of negotiation. This leaves two seats available, and ten prospective purchasers are competing for them. This is happening so soon after the new championship was established.