ZMARZLIK CONTRACT IS LARGEST IN LUBLIN'S HISTORY In the meanwhile, LINDGREN and HOLDER have also joined the Polish champions

SPEEDWAY GP | ZMARZLIK CONTRACT IS LARGEST IN LUBLIN’S HISTORY In the meanwhile, LINDGREN and HOLDER have also joined the Polish champions

SPEEDWAY WORLD CUP : With the confirmation of Zmarzlik and his Speedway GP competitors Fredrik Lindgren and Jack Holder for 2023, the Polish champions made a stunning start to the PGE Ekstraliga transfer window.

After months of speculation, Zmarzlik finally confirmed his move to Lublin by posing with the other two members of the Speedway GP in a photo at Lublin Airport.

With Nielsen having raced for the Goats from 1990 to 1993, Kepa thinks the addition of Zmarzlik will have a bigger effect. “Signing Bartosz Zmarzlik has been my ambition virtually always,” he said to I understood his worth in terms of promotion as well as athletics.



There isn’t a Pole who hasn’t heard of him, even if they aren’t into speedway.

“I think this move is more significant for Lublin than the entrance of Hans Nielsen more than three decades ago.

Having him join us will undoubtedly aid in the education of our future leaders. Having such a fierce rival on our team gives me optimism that more of our young riders will mature into skilled speedway competitors.

Kepa would want to keep the biggest signing in Lublin history, Zmarzlik, for longer than his one-year deal allows.

Furthermore, he said, “The contract is for a year, but I always maintain that connections are developed all the time.”

I’m sure that this won’t be a one-season wonder either. In my opinion, our working relationship will extend for many years. From what I can see, things are shaping up in a manner that will make Bartek reluctant to leave Motor Lublin for quite some time.

After completing his move from Torun to Lublin, Holder joins the team, while Lindgren leaves Czestochowa to be replaced by Mikkel Michelsen, who captained Lublin to the 2022 Polish championship. Maksym Drabik, a two-time winner of the World Under-21 Championship, has been linked to the Lions as well.

Meanwhile, Gorzow has replaced Zmarzlik in 2023 with young Polish talent Oskar Fajfer.

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