Britain, the current FIM Speedway of Nations world champions, is using athlete telemetrics to defend their title

Britain, the current FIM Speedway of Nations world champions, is using athlete telemetrics to defend their title

FIM Speedway of Nations world champions : The Lions finally won a global team championship after 32 years when Robert Lambert and Dan Bewley defeated Bartosz Zmarzlik and Maciej Janowski of Poland 5-4 in the Grand Final at the FIM SON Final in Manchester in October.

The 2018 FIM SON will take place in the Danish coastal city of Esbjerg from July 27-30, but the Lions aren’t wasting any time in their pursuit for speed.

Rebecca Blake, who just finished a Master’s thesis on speedway at Solent University in Southampton, has been recruited by GB officials.

She is now pursuing a PhD degree; her research on cyclists’ performance in the UK is sure to be fruitful.

In the words of Blake, “we are beginning from scratch” on The first step is to identify the specific data points that need to be gathered.

It isn’t based only on output. It comes down to physical ability and the things that contribute to that ability. The athlete’s physique is more important than their performance on the track.

I can take this information to GB performance expert Chris Neville and psychologist Jeremy Holt, and explain what the figures mean and what these tests reveal. That data will be included into their plans for the future, and they will utilize it to make the riders better.

The scientific method that Blake advocates is novel to the betting sport, but she believes it will help her team, the Lions, play at their best.

The application of AI and data science to improve athletic performance is much further advanced in other sports, she said. But without evidence, we can’t go in that direction.

Which is why it’s my job to attempt to figure out the rider’s personality, both on and off the bike. After that, we may begin to investigate outside factors and track-specific factors.

This knowledge gathering process has begun, and it is essential if we are to reach that stage. In the history of speedway, this has never occurred.

The ultimate result is that “we can regulate situations and maximize performance at the correct moments” and “the riders can be programmed more efficiently.”

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